“Integrity, Responsibility & Hard Work”

We are delighted to welcome you to Kamuzu Academy, a selective, co-educational boarding school for pupils aged 11-18. We occupy a large, purpose-built campus about 2 hours north of Lilongwe, with outstanding academic, recreational and sporting facilities

The Academy was founded in 1981 by Malawi’s first President, Dr H. Kamuzu Banda and his principles of Integrity, Responsibility and Hard Work still underpin all aspects of learning at Kamuzu Academy today.

The Founder’s Vision was to build a school which would educate the whole child. He emphasised the importance of sport, drama, music and technical subjects, as well as the more traditional academic subjects. We continue to live out his vision for the Academy, as we strive to develop each student’s individual character.

We aim to create an environment in which each student can find the courage to achieve their best and take their place as a future leader of Malawi.


Most students enter the school in Form 1 but there are occasionally vacancies in other forms, although we do not usually accept applications for Form 5, as this is the final year of IGCSE examinations. A student joining Form 5 will have already studied half of the IGCSE course content at their previous school and may well have been studying for different examinations or for subjects which are not offered at the Academy.


  • Kamuzu Academy
  • Private Bag 1
  • Mtunthama
  • Kasungu
  • Malawi.
  • +(265)1 259 288
  • academic@ka.ac.mw
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