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The Kamuzu Academy Library

The principal function of libraries in any educational institution, (schools, colleges, universities, etc.), is to support teaching and research.

The School Library plays an active role in the work of the school across the full range of subjects, ages and abilities. Its main objective is central to the school curriculum and aims at equipping students with the knowledge, skill and understanding that they will require for adult life and employment.

The Founder, the late Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, had from the start a magnificent concept and visionary approach to the Kamuzu Academy Library. This is revealed in one of the remarkable speeches that he made in the period leading up to and during the building of the Kamuzu Academy , “… some of the lessons can be carried on in the library surrounded by books.”

His vision, realised to some extent in the magnificent building modelled on the Library of Congress Reading Room, has found ample fulfillment in the role that the Library plays in the school curriculum.

The dome of the Library, according to the vision of the Founder, symbolises the Kachere Tree. The green line around the dome stands for the evergreen leaves of the Kachere Tree; the gold petals stand for the golden fruit of the Kachere tree, which represents Knowledge. This Knowledge is found in the Library.

There are over 26,000 volumes in the library, which makes it one of the leading libraries in Malawi. The Library is affiliated to the Malawi Library Association (MALA).

The library has the following sections:
•  Reference Section – This is on the ground floor
•  Lending Section – This in on the first floor
•  The Malawi Collection

The Library provides orientation programmes for first-form and new students for efficient library use. Library Studies are an established part of the curriculum.

In addition to serving the school's main objective, i.e. the teaching of students and the support of staff, the Library trains school librarians, coordinates book donations from Leeds Girls' High School to other schools, coordinates inter-library loans, etc.
The Library has seating capacity for 100 readers.
The Library is manned by five fully trained personnel.

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