Kamuzu Academy offers a wide range of afternoon activities to its students. Some popular activities include Leo club, charity club, golf club, volleyball, soccer, knitting, chess, and many more.

Afternoon activities are a great way for students to participate in a safe productive environment after school has ended. That time after school is filled with ample opportunities for students to continue their development. Afternoon activities provide a number of benefits for our students. Getting involved in activities has shown to help children be more extroverted and responsible. Students are overall happier and healthier when they are engaged in things they enjoy doing.

Some benefits of afternoon activities include safety, whereas when a child has an activity, we know exactly where they will be. Activities are well supervised and organized, allowing students to be monitored. Having some sort of physical activity every day promotes a healthier lifestyle. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Afternoon activities are all about variety and Kamuzu Academy has many different programs. When children have a clear idea of their hobbies and interests from an early age, it can help them make better decisions in the future. For example, if a child enjoys math club and learning math, they may want to consider a career in engineering or IT.

Afternoon activities have also shown to have a positive impact on a child’s academic performance as activities help them practice their use of proper time management. Afternoon activities encourage teamwork; everyone must learn to work well with others. Practically every job requires communication skills and working alongside others, and so giving our students the experience of working toward a common goal or to accomplish a task with others is priceless. Afternoon activities, therefore, give our students transferable skills they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Christmas Term 2023-24 Activities

Activity Leader Activity Category Activity Name # Location Day
Banda Mi Activity 1 Juniors football 30 Pavilion Monday & Friday
Banda Mi Activity 2 1st 11 football 40 Pavilion Tuesday and Friday
Banda T Activity 1 French Clinic 10 Room 10 Tuesday
Banda T Activity 2 Volleyball 20 Volleyball court Thursday
Chakhala M Activity 1 Clay artifacts 10 CDT room Monday
Chakhala M Activity 2 Clay artifacts 10 CDT room Friday
Chirambo F Activity 1 Juniors football 35 Chapel field Monday & Friday
Chirambo F Activity 2 Physics clinic 25 Room 21 Thursday
Chirwa R Activity 1 Jogging 25 Pavilion Thursday
Chirwa R Activity 2 Chemistry club 20 Chemistry Monday
Chisi C Activity 1 Leo club 30 Room 18 Monday
Chisi C Activity 2 Core chemistry clinic 20 Room 16 Tuesday
Cosmas P Activity 1 Technology club 10 Room 27 Thursday
Cosmas P Activity 2 ICT club 10 Room 27 Friday
Guduli G Activity 1 Bible quiz 10 Chapel Tuesday
Guduli G Activity 2 Bible quiz 10 Chapel Friday
Gunde M Activity 1 Environment & wildlife club 40 Room 17 Tuesday
Gomiwa B Activity 1 Football 26 Chapel field Thursday
Gomiwa B Activity 2 Football 26 Chapel field Wednesday
Hewitt R Activity 1 International Award 25 Pavilion Thursday
Hewitt R Activity 1 International Award 25 Pavilion Saturday
Hubbard A Activity 1 Debate club 20 Auditorium Tuesday
Kaluwile D Activity 1 Orchestra 40 Music room Everyday Lunch
Kaluwile D Activity 2 Orchestra 40 Music room Everyday Lunch
Kammayani J Activity 1 Squash 12 Squash courts Thursday
Kammayani J Activity 2 International Award 40 Pavilion Friday
Kapelemela L Activity 1 ICT club 24 Room 25 Thursday
Katemanyoka C Activity 1 Spelling Bee 10 Room 5 Tuesday
Katemanyoka C Activity 2 Drama club 10 Room 5 Thursday
Kwatiwani Y Activity 1 Form 5 math clinic 27 Room 12 Friday
Kwatiwani Y Activity 1 Volleyball 15 Volleyball court Tuesday
Kweteza F Activity 1 Math Club 1 25 Room 13 Thursday
Kweteza F Activity 2 Math Club 2 25 Room 13 Friday
Madinga A Activity 1 Chess 16 Room 21 Tuesday
Madinga A Activity 2 Basketball 15 Basketball court Friday
Madinga E Activity 1 Operation Smile 30 Room 15 Thursday
Madinga E Activity 2 Assorted games 25 Pavilion Tuesday
Mandala C Activity 1 Economics Club 15 Room 38 Thursday
Mandala C Activity 2 Business club 15 Room 38 Tuesday
Mapunda P Activity 1 Environment & wildlife club 40 Room 17 Tuesday
Mapunda P Activity 2 Business studies Clinic 25 Library Thursday
Mazizi M Activity 1 Math club 26 Room 17 Thursday
Mazizi M Activity 2 Chess 16 Room 21 Tuesday
McComb C Activity 1 Seniors netball 25 Netball court Tuesday & Friday
McComb C Activity 2 Jnrs netball 25 Netball court Monday & Thursday
Mereka M Activity 1 Bawo 15 Room 12 Monday
Mereka M Activity 2 Maths club 26 Room 12 Thursday
Mhango L Activity 1 Environment & wildlife club 40 Room 17 Tuesday
Mhango L Activity 2 Math Club 25
M'Manga T Activity 1 In his presence 10 Auditorium Thursday
M'Manga T Activity 2 Form 1 Knitting club 26 Room 8 Tuesday
M'Manga T Activity 3 Girls up elevate MW 10 Room 8 Friday
Mzengo G Activity 1 Jogging 26 Pavilion Friday
Mzengo G Activity 2 Math club 25 Room 9 Thursday
Bonomali M Activity 1 Assorted games 26 Pavilion Wednesday
Bonomali M Activity 2 Assorted games 26 Pavilion Thursday
Mankhwazi N Activity 1 Poetry 25 Room 4 Tuesday
Mankhwazi N Activity 2 English 20 Room 4 Thursday
Ndalama M Activity 1 21st Generation 14 Art room Thursday
Ndalama M Activity 2 Art Club 15 Art room Friday
Nkhata T Activity 1 School magazine 15 LT Tuesday
Nkhata T Activity 2 Debate club 20 Auditorium Friday
Ngumbira A Activity 1 Assorted games 30 Pavilion Tuesday
Ngumbira A Activity 2 Assorted games 26 Pavilion Thursday
Ngumbira T Activity 1 Leo club 40 Room 18 Monday
Ngwira N Activity 1 Mushroom cultivation 20 Biology gardens Everyday at Lunch
Ngwira N Activity 2 Piano and vocal practice 10 LT Friday
Nyangulu K Activity 1 Golf 15 Golf course Friday
Nyangulu K Activity 2 1st 11 football 35 Pavilion Tuesday
Nyirenda N Activity 1 Basketball 17 Basketball court Monday
Nyirenda N Activity 2 Basketball 17 Basketball court Friday
Nyasulu S Activity 1 Assorted games 24 Home ec room Tuesday
Nyasulu S Activity 2 Assorted games 24 Home ec room Wednesday
Phiri D Activity 1 Middles football 40 Chapel field Tuesday & Thursday
Phiri D Activity 2 Jnrs basketball 13 Chapel field Wednesday
Phiri D Activity 3 Hockey 15 Hockey pitch Friday
Parker W Activity 1 Astronomy 10 Room 1 Friday
Parker W Activity 2 Ultimate Frisbee 15 Chapel field Thursday
Parker W Activity 3 Sign Language 14 Room 1 Tuesday
Parker W Activity 4 Drama 15 Auditorium Sunday 2pm
Parker W Activity 5 Tennis 16 Tennis court Saturday 2pm
Sieweikra A Activity 1 Magazine club 10 LT Tuesday
Sieweikra A Activity 2 Charity club 30 LT Thursday
Semu A Activity 1 Design & technology 16 Room 32 Tuesday
Semu A Activity 2 Body building 13 Swimming pool Friday
Shaibu S Activity 1 Charity club 30 LT Thursday