Boarding Life

All students are allocated to a ‘House’ and this is the main unit for pastoral and academic supervision, as well as the basis for team competitions in sport, drama and other events.

Each House is led by a Housemaster or Housemistress who is assisted by a team of Tutors and Prefects. Each student is assigned a Tutor who is a member of the teaching staff, and they meet together each Thursday for an exchange of information. This is a good opportunity to discuss any problems; alternatively, the Tutor can be seen at any time if there is a particular need.

Name of Houses
CHILANGA Headquarters of Senior Chief Kaomba, one of the Trustees. In Kasungu District, just south of the town. House colour: Green
CHILOWA One of the oldest Sub-chiefs in Kasungu District. House colour: Bright Red
GOMANI A Ngoni Paramount Chief in the Ntcheu and Dedza Districts. House colour: Green
KAPENI A Mang'anja Chief of the Blantyre area. House colour: Bright Red
KILUPULA A Ngonde Chief in Karonga District. House colour: Yellow
MBELWA Ngoni Paramount Chief, covering the whole Mzimba District. House colour: Oxford Blue
MLONYENI Ngoni Paramount Chief in Mchinji District. House colour: Oxford Blue
NTHALIRE Chief in Chitipa District. House colour: Yellow

Aerial view of one of the hostel areas

Interhouse competitions

One of the major binding factors among house members is the interhouse competition, whether it is in sports, drama or singing competitions. Will it be Chilanga or Chilowa, Mlonyeni or Kilupula to emerge as winners? This is one of the highlights of boarding life. The game in the photo was Mbelwa Vs Chilowa judging from the shirt colours. No one wants to let his house down – not before a battalion of supporters which include fellow students and teachers.

Food And Lunch Time

There are many other things which ought to go along with boarding life. One of them being the provision of food. Food is served in the dinning hall starting with breakfast, then lunch and lastly supper. Main course and dessert are served during lunch and supper. There are also snacks served with the morning tea.

All in all, boarding life builds character of tolerance, fairness and responsibility as the student lives away from their biological mum and dad who would check on them if they have done personal chores of hygiene such as brushing of one’s teeth, taking a bath etc. At the end of one’s stay in boarding, (s)he is more a accomplished personality