Community Service and Volunteering

Community Service and Volunteering are a central part of our provision, because the Founder wanted the students to understand that they have a role to play in both the local community around Mtunthama and in the wider community of Malawi.

Our students regularly volunteer in the neighbouring primary school and at St Andrew’s Anglican Hospital in Mtunthama and the AMAO Orphanage. Form 6 students also take part in a community service programme, which includes a wide variety of opportunities both in and outside the school, including guided reading at Kamuzu Academy Primary School.

The Environment and Wildlife Club have planted thousands of trees in recent years during National Tree Planting Month.

We have a very active Charity Club, which raises funds for local and national projects including work in local prisons. The Leo Club supports a wide range of charity projects and has recently raised funds and donated resources to the pediatric cancer unit at Kamuzu Central Hospital. Students also take part in fundraising for Operation Smile, to support children born with a cleft lip and the students responded generously to the Cyclone Freddy Appeal from the Malawi Red Cross.