Within each House, the students are allocated to a Tutor group of between 15 and 20 students who are in the same form and this group meets each morning with their Tutor for registration, as well as once a week for a longer Tutor lesson.

The Houses and Tutor teams are run by our highly experienced Housemasters and Housemistresses, who are also on hand each day to deal with behaviour concerns and support students with any problems or worries which they may be experiencing.

Housemasters, Housemistresses and Tutors are the main point of contact between home and school and play a key role both in overseeing the academic progress of the students in their house, as well as providing pastoral care and support.

We recognize that some students may from time to time find that life becomes a bit more difficult and they may well struggle emotionally or feel overwhelmed. We have a team of staff who are trained to offer guidance, support and counselling led by the Head of Student Wellbeing. In addition, we also work with professional counsellors who visit the school regularly to support students with more complex needs.