Kamuzu Academy Students’ Council

Kamuzu Academy Students’ Council was established in the second term of 2022/2023 academic year. It consists four members from each year group, two boys and two girls, making a total of 14. They represent their year groups. It is a parallel group to the body of prefects. They are chosen by members of their year group in elections presided over by Housemaster/mistresses and prefects. During the elections, the Housemaster, Housemistresses and prefects are there as mere monitors and guardians of fairness and are not allowed to exert their influence in whatever form.

The students’ council meet regularly and compile points which need management’s attention and are passed on to the management through a meeting the Headboy and Headgirl have with the Headmaster in the presence of Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral). This enhances more representation as membership span from the first year to U6, unlike the prefects’ body which is from Form 6 students only.

Members of the First Students’ Council