Our well-being room is now complete and radiates positivity. Tiled floors, new comfy chairs, and beanbags create a welcoming space for students. Colourful posters adorn the walls, and a whiteboard is available for pupils to share positive and thought-provoking quotes.

The well-being room is staffed at all times by dedicated team members. A published timetable allows students to book appointments with staff members of their choice, fostering a comfortable and personalized support system.

Our well-being support group convenes every two weeks to discuss and monitor students of concern, ensuring consistent and tailored support.

Empowering Prefects

Prefects recently underwent training at Luwawa Forest Lodge, focusing on self-care and identifying early signs of struggles in others. This proactive approach empowers them to take care of their mental health and support their peers effectively.

Hostel Engagement

Weekly visits to both Boys’ and Girls’ hostels provide insights into emerging issues. This ensures a direct communication channel between students and staff, particularly concerning mental health challenges.

‘Tea and Talk’ Event

In collaboration with Mental Health Awareness Day, prefects hosted KA’s ‘Tea and Talk’ event. This informal gathering allowed students to share thoughts and feelings openly. The prefects led the event superbly, garnering numerous positive comments from participants.

Collaboration with St. John of God, Mzuzu

We've formalized our connection with St. John of God, Mzuzu. Two professionals—a psychologist and a psychiatrist—will visit KA at least once every half term. They will conduct individual sessions for guided support and group sessions to address prominent issues, offering valuable opportunities for students to receive the help they need.

ACT Initiative

A school-wide initiative, ACT, has been introduced to promote awareness and support for mental health. 'A' for Aware, Acknowledge, and Accept; 'C' for Care; and 'T' for Tell encourage everyone to be conscious, compassionate, and proactive in creating a mentally healthy environment